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Tin Stars
Wool Animals
Clay and Metal Suns
Cornhusk Flowers
Ceramic Catrina figures
Ceramic Accent figurines
Ceramic Accents
Ceramic Art
Ceramic Home Decor
Ceramic Horses
Ceramic Vases

Home Accents & Decor

Talavera Pottery
Talavera Pots and Decor
Talavera Michoacana Planters
Sm. Cement Angel Fountain
Sm. Flower Birdbath
Sm. Birdbaths
Sm Fountain
Metal planters and carts
Cement patio tables
Cement Pagota
Cement Dolphine Fountain
Lg. Cement Fountains
MD. Cement Planters
Md. Flower Cemet Planter

Outdoor Accents & Decor

Handmade Wool Animal
Handmade Leather Purses
Handmade Silver Neckless
Leather Covered Canteen
Leather Wear
Silver Earrings
Silver Mosaic Beaded Neckless
Mosaic Earrings

Jewelry, Leather & Textiles

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